Saturday, January 21, 2006

Not A Half Baked Idea

SAINT PAUL, Minn.- To many being safe in life can mean many things. To me it means wear sun screen and protect your health. Someone very close to me recently had a melanoma removed from their arm after being diagnosed with skin cancer. It sounds cliche and everyone has an opinion but it is VERY important to realize the magnitude of skin cancer and how it effects peoples lives on all levels. No one person is immune to cancer and although there are many forms of cancer ranging from breast to brain and skin cancer, it is a deadly disease people are fighting and surviving everyday.

Here is where I jump on the old soap box. I want everyone to remember how important it is to protect yourself form the sun. Please remember to wear sun screen when you go out doors whether it be to ski, run, play or watch baseball. It's not a matter of if cancer can happen because I am here to tell you it can and will. With preventive care, sun protection and a visit to a physician yearly to check skin changes and spots you can catch and beat a deadly disease.

For information on skin cancer, a body map, sunscreen recommendations and other facts please visit the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Don't get half baked,
protect yourself and your loved ones from skin cancer.