Saturday, August 13, 2005

RailCats SS Jay Pecci

Niki Paton / Baseball Notions

GARY, Ind.- RailCats SS Jay Pecci is tagged out at home by Winnipeg GoldEyes catcher Al Corbeil on August 12, 2005. The RailCats went on to win 2-1 Friday night with an incredible showing from the pitching staff of Bennett, Bruso and Lopez. Friday nights game earned LHP Jamie Bennett his 9th win of the season and RHP Derek Lopez his 14th save.

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Cate said...

Jay is the best player ever and that was an awesome shot! I have a similar shot of this that I took, but he was tagging someone out at second...I think that was in '04. He's a great person and very sweet. Glad to know he's back in the game after his knee incident. Rock on, Jay.