Sunday, September 03, 2006

At The Plate: RailCats Catcher Steve Booth

Niki Paton / Baseball Notions

JOLIET, Ill.- RailCats catcher Steve Booth bats in a game against the Joliet JackHammers at Silver Cross Field on August 20, 2006.

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spadoman said...

While reading the blogs I read all the time, I noticed the small rectangular box at the top right hand corner of the blog. It is put there by Blogger and says "next blog".

I clicked on it and it brought me to Baseball Notions.

How could I be so lucky as I love baseball. You have a great site with great photos. Glad Blogger randomly sent me here. I'll be back.

As far as the game is concerned in the big leagues, it lost a lot way back when they put in the designated hitter. Another stroke towards death was interleague play. But the real death nell came when the 1995 World series was cancelled because of the players strike, over business and money.

I stopped going to the ballpark. I stopped listening and watching for 5 years. It was the Twins, with their lowest payroll and their spirit that brought me back. I also learned that the game, not just in the big leagues, but in the small town parks across the country is the game. Did you know the Little League World Series in Williamsport has never charged a fee to watch a baseball game?

Your pictures of the Joliet team reminded me that there's baseball all around, not just on TV, and agrteat play is a great play.


Incidently, I live in Wisconsin, but I am recently from Minnesota, and long ago lived near Joliet.