Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Book Worth Discussing

SAINT PAUL, Minn.- I am currently reading, Breaking Into Baseball: Women and the National Pastime by Jean Hastings Ardell. The forward was written by former Northern League Saint Paul Saints pitcher Ila Borders. I chose this book as a recent read for a United States history class book review I was assigned.

Breaking into Baseball: Women and the National Pastime explores the issues of women in baseball beginning with the origins of baseball, when women first fell in love with the sport, and the stereotyping of women in sports. Jean Hastings Ardell explores the character of the game and shares with you the women whom are pioneers in baseball paving the way for the generations of women to follow.

If anyone else has read or is reading this book please feel free to comment here and share your perspective on women in baseball. A few questions I’d like to pose for discussion to baseball fans and participants of all ages and genders alike: How do you feel about the segregation that exists in male dominated sports like baseball and football? We currently have women pioneers in NASCAR, Indy racing, golf and hockey to name a few sports. Do you feel as more women participate and work toward an end to the segregation which currently exists in male dominated sports that one day there will be women playing for the MLB and NFL? Why or why not?

Saturday, November 12, 2005

AA 2006 Season Will Have Ten Teams

SAINT PAUL, Minn.- The AA league announced the addition of a tenth team last week from St. Joseph, Missouri. The St. Joseph team will make the tenth addition to the American Association of Independent Baseball. For more information on the league and schedules please check out the AA league website or the respective team sites.