Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Seasons, They Are A Changing

SAINT PAUL, Minn. - Seasons, they are a changing while for some they never started. While we still have a little time left in the basketball season, football is over, the lock out cancelled hockey, and aside from NASCAR, the embers are firing up for a different kind of season on the horizon. It's almost time everyone!

That feverish, familiar season is quickly approaching. You feel it in every fiber down to the marrow in your bones. Just a whisper of the word, "spring" sends that fire in your gut burning. You cannot quite satisfy the feeling in any other way.

You know you’re ready for it when you have the uncontrollable urge to “pitch” snowballs with images of Clemens, and Santana running through your head instead of actually hurling them in a snowball fight. You have contemplated buying a plane ticket and heading south to Florida or Arizona where the ball fields grow wild and the players start the gauntlet on their road to the big leagues. It sounds like a nice idea, but your boss might not appreciate your sudden leave of absence. Either way you’re itching for the season to start. You know the one I am ranting about or you wouldn't be at this web site. It's Baseball season.

Some of the players we enjoyed watching in the 2004 season have gone on to "A" ball with the MLB where they’ll soon report in for Spring training. Although the Independent Northern League 2005 season won’t be underway until May, the transactions are being made to bring in exceptional talent from across the board in players and management.

As the league continues to grow we’re lucky to find ourselves with 12 teams to watch for 2005. The Independent Northern League Champion Saint Paul Saints have been moved to the Southern Division to make way for the addition of Calgary and Edmonton into the Northern Division. Get your rally caps out of winter storage everyone and prepare for an incredible 2005 season.