Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The race is on baseball fans...

The race is on baseball fans toward the end of the 2005 Northern League season. It seems like just yesterday exhibition games were beginning and players were working on a fresh new season. Now we're embarking on a race for the final division winners and wild card teams. We've watched as many players have come and gone from teams throughout the league, all the while wondering which team would improve from last season and have a chance at an exciting winning 2005 season.

This season one team everyone should have kept an eye on is the Gary SouthShore RailCats. With Greg Tagert as their manager and the enormous talent, spirit and camaraderie this team has enjoyed this season they have proven to be contenders for the Southern Division with a chance at the playoffs. Who would have thought that this season could be such an incredible one for the RailCats, but they have proven themselves a worthy foe in the Northern League.

Other teams to take note of this season include Saint Paul, Lincoln and Fargo. Fargo has had an incredibly solid season leading the Northern Leagues Northern Division in the first and second half of the season. Saint Paul, while making an incredible run for the playoffs at the beginning of the season has been coming up short the second half. For Saint Paul this could prove dangerous in the play offs if the final showdown is between Fargo and Saint Paul. Lincoln has proven a major player in the Southern Divisions second half. Whatever the outcomes this season all the teams and their players can be proud of the work they've done. Everyone has played hard and produced another exciting Northern League season. There are still a few weeks of baseball left. Good luck in the race to the playoffs everyone!